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Welcome to our website GrandMariage.fr!

We organize weddings and holidays in France!

Wedding in Europe, wedding in Europe and wedding in Paris sounds amazing!

Many companies in the world are selling wedding services in France. Unfortunately,  wedding and holiday in France seem very expensive. This is not true. This false opinion is probably due to the lack of public information about the cost of services and facilities in France.

We started our wedding business in St. Petersburg  Weddingwithmarina. We re-branded this company Grand Mariage, the Russian branch being www.grandmariage.biz. We tried to broaden our services and offer wedding in Europe. Unfortunately our first attempt did not work, for the same reason: lack of information, lack of contact with European agencies. Only by opening a branch of our company in France, we understood how to work. As mentioned earlier, it is a simple matter lack of transparent pricing politic, lack of information, resulting in an insufficient understanding about what the client will receive as a result.

Let us introduce our new concept and brand: Grand Mariage (French branch)

In French "Grand Mariage" means "The Big Wedding", or "Grandiose Wedding"

We are engaged in weddings since 2008, both in Russia and Europe.

GrandMariage- is a new brand of our wedding agency. GrandMariage (French branch) aims at organizing weddings exclusively in France. We organize weddings and celebrations in the French and Parisian castles. Each wedding is unique, and worked out in detail in conjunction with the client or agency.

Our goal is a win-win work with the client or wedding agencies from around the world. And as a consequence the organization of various individual events for the end customer in Paris and in France. With the finest quality  at any budget.

Our goal is to show that wedding or holiday in France is available to anyone interested. Price of our services are transparent, with no extra charge and allow our clients to make the best usage of their budget.

Our packages are the standard prices, the market average. If you wish to order additional services we are ready to negotiate prices when choosing a service.

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