Typical menu

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Le Menu «Chambord_Prestige»

Cocktail "Chambord Prestige"

14 items: 8 cold salty snacks, culinary animation, 2 and 4 hot salty snacks

Cold salty snacks

Tartare of fish and seafood with herbs

Rolls of smoked salmon with green asparagus

balsamic cream


Tomato chutney with sesame seeds and crab tartare

herb sauce

"Potpourri" sushi sauce nyok moms

(Nigiri, Maki, California rolls, DGCPI)


Omelette with herbs

Cream of cauliflower and roasted langoustine


Consommé of basil, ginger and shrimp in Thai


Mini ravioli with ricotta and pesto

Fresh vegetables with sauce


Slices of melon and watermelon

(depending on the season)

Salmon marinated by our chef, recette gravlax

bread with lemon and lemon cream

Terrine of foie gras

Mignonette, sea salt and toast of rustic bread

Piperade of hot pepper with cheese

Verrine with tomato gazpacho,


"Gorka" scallop with petals

vitelot potato and truffle oil


Salmon tartare on a slice of Edam cheese

Chicken tandoori kebab and dried apricots


Condiment: beets - Ricotta

Mini flan of green asparagus,

tomato coulis with basil

Cream of green peas with mint


Julienne of chicken with ginger

Culinary animation

Fried foie gras and toasted rustic bread


Cancers with mini-vegetables and cream Vouvray

Hot savory snacks

Branded snack "Chambord Prestige"


Grenaa potatoes with foie gras and fleur de sel

Assorted traditional mini-snacks

Mini sandwiches Croque-monsieur


Prunes and dried apricots wrapped in bacon

Tatin and magret de canard


LUNCH / DINNER "Chambord Prestige"

1 appetizer, 1 starter, 1 main course, 1 cheese and desserts

 "Vichyssoise" leek, scallops in batter, nut cream


  Crab cold cream, ravioli with herbs


 Foie gras with dried apricots, balsamic cream, brioche


Smoked salmon back, cream of potato with olive oil Charlotte

 Foie gras "in the towel," nutty crumble, jelly cube liquor "Chambord", filet of duck breast, brioche


 Emince and scallops, vegetable julienne


Lobster and fennel appetizer with citrus and fresh coriander vinaigrette and orange sauce Kombava

 Main course
 Civet of lobster with Sauternes, mini cupolas, bacon and mushrooms, potatoes cocotte, julienne of leeks


Poultry meat on the bone with foie gras and vegetables 


Veal with roasted foie gras sauce porto, croustillant of oyster and white mushrooms, vegetable skewer 


Saddle of lamb with morels, Forestier gratin, vegetable tagliatelle

 Plate "Cheese Trio"
Salad with peanut butter

Saint Paulin,

Brie de Meaux,

Sainte Maure de Touraine ,

Selles sur Cher,




Fourme d'Ambert



Croustillant of chocolate with nougatine, light cream foams with crushed pistachios

Creme brûlée 

Dacquoise Raspberry, blackberry coulis

Strawberry or pear tart


instead of 2 desserts - a wedding cake


The menu "Chambord Prestige" includes 

  • Service, serving, tablecloth with napkins, kitchen equipment
  • Cocktail of 14 items appetizers, followed by lunch or dinner