Choose your wedding dress in Paris

with a professional stylist

The wedding dress is the single most important element for the bride and of course a symbol of the wedding.

Services Selection of wedding dress

We offer a service selection of wedding dresses for the bride and of dresses for the mothers and the bridesmaids.

Paris is not only a dream !!! Paris is the home city the most famous fashion houses. Paris, the city in which every bride will find the dress of her dreams!

We offer you to fulfill the dream of a beautiful wedding dress in Paris, accompanying your search with walks through the magnificent city, with our team of professional French stylists and wedding consultants.

The service includes:

  • selection and approval of brand shops in accordance with the planned budget and your wishes.
  • Schedule an appointment with selected bridal shops and "haute couture" boutiques.
  • the creation of your wedding image (accessories, tips for hair and makeup, etc.)
  • immediate visit to the shops on the scheduled day with a professional French wedding stylist
  • advice on the selection of dresses and accessories
  • champagne and cake in the shopping route

Service Cost 175 euros per hour. Minimum order: 2 hours.

Additional services

The service is performed on the same day, together with a selection of dresses for the bride or another day by appointment.

  • the selection of dresses for the bridesmaids and mothers
  • the selection of costumes and accessories for the groom
  • advice on creating and modifying your image
  • the selection of cosmetics and perfumery

Cost of services 100 euros per hour

  • the possibility of delivery in Russia and other countries of your dresses, suits and other accessories after their completion

cost of the service by appointment.

  • hairdresser and makeup artist

cost of the service by agreement

Fashion houses and designers who can sew a dress of your dreams:

A collection of wedding dresses 2014 by the French designer Delphine Manivet