Exclusive French cuisine you at the banquet

To celebrate the wedding "Chambord Prestige" offers customers not just a range of services. "Chambord Prestige" offers a personalized service for your banquet. This prestigious service, when the entire staff of chefs, experts in the preparation of sauces, pastry, head waiters and waiters are fussing around you and your guests.

The motto of "Chambord Prestige": "Listen, do not impose" - takes into account all your wishes for the organization of the reception, ideally suited to your dreams. "Chambord -Prestige" offers a variety of menus and helps in the selection of dishes for your holiday.

Hey advantages of the company:

  • 40 years experience
  • Original innovation and continuous adaptation of the latest culinary trends
  • Seasonal products
  • Authenticity of the products
  • Attention to the origin of the products
  • Top quality of the products

The clients of "Chambord -Prestige" are Public and private companies, government departments and administrative units, private Clients

Prices for Catering

Approximate prices for catering. The price depends on the menu, the number of guests.


20 persons starting from 45 €
50 persons starting from 40 €
100 personsand more starting from 35 €


20 persons starting from 100 €
50 persons starting from   90 €
100 persons and more starting from   80 €

Menu is selected and ordered at least 2 weeks before the event. The definitive sum is determined on the basis of the chosen menu and the number of guests.