Wedding ceremony in Parisprint(packet1)

Wedding symbolic registration in Paris is possible and depends only on your desires and budget.

We present you an estimate on wedding registration in Paris.

Prices and services can be adjusted depending on the volume of the services provided.

Additional information on the prices of services is on page Price list for wedding in Paris.

Wedding ceremony in Paris  
Rent a space for registration 1500€
from 1000€  to  8000€ for 3-4 hours
Bouquet, boutonniere starting from 150€  
Wedding host 300€  
Duo of musicians starting from 300€  
Wedding arch starting from 800€  
Hairdresser - make-up artist for the bride 300€  
Total for all the services 3350€  
Commission for the agency  1200€  
Total cost of the wedding ceremony 4550€  

We present you some of the site for a symbolic wedding ceremony in Paris.



At proximity of the most famous symbol of Paris - the Eiffel Tower

CHAPEL 19th century in the heart of Paris

the most popular place for signing up!


Terrace of the Hotel Paris