Gallery of french castles

In France, you can find a surprising number of Castles.

Each region has its best castles!


Cote d`Azur

Chateau  St Martin

Domaine du Montleuze


Abbaye de Sainte Croix

 Château de Cancerilles

Chateau  Pas du Serf

Chateau  de Alpheran

In Britain

Chateau du Val

Located 400 km from Paris

With accommodation for 22 beds

Garden, tennis court, swimming pool

In Ile de France

Château d'Auvers sur oise

(without accommodation)

Interesting holiday for creative people!

The castle is 35 km from Paris in the town of Auvers sur Oise. The city landmark for the Impressionists and Post impressionists. In this town is buried Vincent Van Gogh.

Auvers sur Oise is a key place for the painters of the late 19th-early 20th century.

The castle is now a modern, interactive, museum of the Impressionists period. It is a great opportunity to visit the museum in anticipation of the event.

It is possible to hold parties in the park or in the castle.